Join Our Community

To join our community you need to sign up as a YL member and order one of the premium starter kits. For a detailed breakdown of the kits, click here. As a YL member you will receive 24% off retail pricing, get started with the Essential Rewards program to get everything you need and want every month, and gain access to our private Facebook group where you can learn more about essential oils and connect with the rest of our community. You are not obligated in anyway to sell essential oils or to make any further purchases after buying your starter kit.

Click here to learn why we choose Young Living.

When signing up make sure the number 24108116 shows up for the “sponsor ID” and “enroller” numbers.

If you would like to sell the oils to make an extra income, please shoot me an email after purchasing your starter kit so I can add you to our business group where we have live video meetings and mentorship.