Why Young Living?

When using essential oils it is so important that we use quality essential oils. Why? Because when we inhale, ingest or topically use essential oils the oils are absorbed straight into our bloodstream, past the blood-brain barrier, and interacting with our body at a cellular level. Not making sure to use quality essential oils puts us at risk of allowing pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic additives into our bodies.

Young Living provides all of the information you need to know about their farms, distilleries, extraction techniques, and testing standards. Young Living has a SEED-TO-SEAL guarantee. That means they guarantee quality in every step of the process from selecting the seeds, to planting, harvesting, distilling, and bottling. When you buy from Young Living you know that you are getting the highest of qualities with the strictest of standards.

How do we determine which companies are selling quality oils? Look for the answers to these questions. If you can’t find the answers, call your company and ask:

  1. Where are your farms located?
  2. Where are your distilleries located?
  3. Do you partner with any outside farms or distilleries?
  4. If you partner with outside farms and distilleries, how do you observe and guarantee quality?
  5. Do you use pesticides or any chemicals on your plants while in the growing process or after harvesting?
  6. Do your essential oils come from indigenous plants?
  7. What is your extraction method?
  8. Do you have any additives in your essential oils?
  9. What tests do you run on your essential oils?
  10. Are your essential oils third party tested?

If the company cannot clearly answer all of those questions or gives an answer that you don’t like, do not use that company.

To see all of the details of Young Living’s essential oils click here.