Our Family

Hi, there! We are so glad you found us over here in our little corner of the world wide web. My name is Katie Whiddon Greene. I am 25 years old, married to my absolute best friend, Cole, and mama to my five incredible children: Camden(6), Ryleigh(5), Emmie(age not disclosed to protect her privacy), Jax(2), and Dottie(1). 

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A bit about Katie and Cole-

 We are both 25. (He is 4 months older and loves to hold it over my head <insert eye roll>) We went to the same school growing up and had some of the same friends, but we never knew each other, other than a brief introduction on a bus in middle school while I was riding home with a friend. We officially met in December 2015 and were just acquaintances/friends for a while, then in June 2016 we decided to give us a try after Cole completely swept me off my feet. Gah, gets me emotional every time I think about it because he was a knight in shining armor for myself, Camden, and Ryleigh. We haven’t been apart since the day I asked him if he wanted to kiss me.


A bit about Camden-

Camden is six years old and was born on October 2nd, 2013. He was born without arms or legs and was diagnosed with Amelia-Phocomelia Syndrome at birth. *You can read about me finding out he didn’t have arms or legs here.* Despite Camden’s limb difference, he is your typical six year old boy. He picks his nose, thinks farts are funny, never stops talking, and is always bossing around his four younger siblings. He can draw, paint, sit up by himself, feed himself, play with toys, wash his own face, brush his own teeth, climb up stairs, and so many other things. If you have any questions at all about his limb difference, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are all open and love to share about how remarkable our boy is.


A bit about Ryleigh-

Ryleigh is five years old and was born on November 7th, 2014. I could write a whole book series about this child because she is WILD, even though she often leaves me speechless. She’s my “different species of human” child. You never know what she is going to do or say, so she always has me on my toes. She loves to be told that she is SO BEAUTIFUL at least 3847 times a day, she loves to dress up as Queen Elsa every day. Like seriously, if you follow me on instagram you will see her in an Elsa dress 98% of the time. She even has an Elsa nightgown. Ryleigh also loves bugs and animals. I’m sure you’ll end up being horrified at some points, but you’ll absolutely fall in love with her.


A bit about Emmie-

 At the end of March or beginning of April (its hard to remember when I have to remember things for five little people lol) Cole got a call from Child Protective Services in her state of birth saying they had a little girl who they believed to be his daughter. I can’t go into much detail about her case because it is extremely traumatic and extremely private to her, but she was in a very dangerous home and CPS was able to save her. We had to wait two excruciating long weeks to get the results of the DNA test, and we actually planned to try to adopt her if she wasn’t his, but thankfully the test came back as a match! We had to go through a home study with Texas CPS for them to send to CPS in the other state to approve or deny us the possibility of getting custody. Cole went to visit her a couple weeks before our court date and we both were able to visit with her for a few days before the court date. And by God’s grace the judge deemed our family fit for her and we were able to get her out of foster care and bring her home to her brothers and sisters at the end of May 2019. Its been a long and hard journey helping our new baby girl heal, showing her what its like to be in a home that is safe and have two parents that love her, but she has started making great improvements as she has started to learn that we aren’t going anywhere and we are so thankful. Emmie will have such an incredible story when she is older. If she chooses to share it one day, you will all be in awe of her.

-Recently we have decided to remove all identifying photos of Emmie from the internet. We are trying our best to protect her identity and privacy due to circumstances out of our control. Please be understanding and just keep her in your prayers.

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A bit about Jaxton-

Jax is two and a half years old and was born on July 4th, 2017. He is the sweetest and most adorable baby boy I’ve ever known. That boy just does something to my heart when he looks at me with those big blue eyes and bats those long eyelashes. He is 100% the most spoiled out of the bunch (mostly because he’s a bit delayed in speech and we just want to keep him happy) and has the best cuddles and kisses. To know Jax (and him trust you enough to be himself) is to know the purest love and affection. When he feels an emotion he feels it big and will let everyone know it. Also, he is an absolute turd and is always stealing my food and drinks and loves to destroy our entire house with whatever he can get out of the fridge when I’m trying to get our youngest down for her naps. 


A bit about Dottie-

Dottie is one year old and was born November 30th, 2018. She is the firecracker of our family. She’s everything a girl should be: loud, full of energy and attitude, and unapologeticly mean(in the best way). Her personality makes up for what she’s lacking in size. This girl will 100% move mountains one day.

One thought on “Our Family

  1. Omgosh I have a Jaxton too! You had one first though as mine was born Oct 1, 2016. He sounds A LOT like your Jax as well. Trouble with ALL capitals not just the T but a smile and hug that brighten the world (and unfortunately work too well at melting the heart of whoever is TRYING to give him heck for something! Lol)

    I just found your Insta account story about Camden turning 7 and that got me to your blog a few minutes later and i am so glad! Your family is gorgeous and I am in awe of your strength and the maturity you had at 18 to choose to move forward with a baby who eould have many challenges and an uncertain future.

    Your choice has allowed us lucky internet people a glimpse into the life of an amazing little guy that started your motherhood journey and has the strength and fortitude that rivals a grown up. I cant wait to go read the rest of your other blog posts and meet everyone else but i needed to comment first and tell you how sweet your IG video about Camden was and thank you for sharing your life


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